Who We Are

DataHome is a research, data and statistics advisory firm with seasoned researchers and pollsters. We do political polling and we have special strategy programmes for political parties, aspirants and candidates. Politicians, no matter their level in the game, find our services useful. We conduct research for governments at all levels in Nigeria to evaluate government programmes in order to meet public expectations. We partner development corporate organisations to conduct baseline studies. We consult for marketing and advertising agencies on market research and data analysis. Media management and production is part of our mandates. We are registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Political Polling and Survey

Depending on the stage you are in your political journey, we will help you conduct opinion polls tailored to your needs. On a higher scale, we will help you conduct surveys that will provide you with superior insights into your ambition or programmes. Apart from from Polls and Surveys, how you are framed in the media is also important to your ambition. We will help you conduct Content Analysis that will show you if you should change the narratives or not. With us, light shines on your path to greatness.

Research and Data Analytics

We analyse data - both quantitative and qualitative -to generate insights that help our clients to make to make informed decisions on their businesses and personal life. The major software packages we use for our analysis are SPSS (for quantitative data) and NVivo (for qualitative data).

Environmental Services

DataHome is a LASEPA accredited environmental consultant. We handle environmental assessment reports such as EIA and EA for our clients.

Training Services

We train students, particularly postgraduate students, at our Research Centre, on how to carry out different research methods for their programmes, whether Masters or Doctoral. We also offer data analysis training, both quantitative and qualitative.

Media Management, Production and Live Streaming

We are a media organisation. We provide and manage clients' media needs. We produce documentary and advertisement with best outputs.
We offer Live Streaming services for clients' events.

Creative Ideas

We are an ideation company! We sit with our clients to creatively design tailor-made ideas that address their concern.


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