DataHome offers research and data solutions to help solve complex management decisions, which top managers and government functionaries have to make in order to understand their customers and those they govern. At DataHome, we challenge ourselves to provide solutions to real life problems through the instrumentality of research for business organisations and governments at all levels. Aside doing research and analysing data, we also organise training for students (particularly at the Post Graduate level) and staff of research departments in relevant industries. DataHome was founded in 2009 by Richard Adeyinka Emmanuel, the research and data analysis guru. Data Home is a trade name for Richardson Consult Nigeria. This trade name was adopted in order to reflect the services being rendered. As a result, while DataHome is used for day to day interaction with clients, Richardson is used for all legal transactions.

DataHome is made up of pioneers with decades of experience in the teaching and practice of research and data management all over the world. The company operates from Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center.